Newsletter Joint VET Course For Export Experts  November 2019

Newsletter Joint VET Course For Export Experts November 2019


November 2019 Edition 1

The vocational education and training systems in Europe are currently facing huge challenges. Globalisation, demographic change, technological progress and rapidly progressing digitalisation are transforming the world of work and thus the requirements on education. Upskilling and re-skilling are essential for many professionals.
Additionally, in Europe youth unemployment is very high. This can be explained by macro economic crisis but also because many qualification needs are not being taken into consideration by the education and qualification systems. Many companies are complaining about skilled labor shortage, whereas in specific countries such as Greece, Romania and Bulgaria the unemployment rate of university graduates and skilled workforce remains relatively high after the crisis.[/vc_column_text]

The project aims at developing a further training qualification at higher qualification level (EQF 6) in the field of international commerce for university graduates and unemployed individuals it aims at strengthening the transnational networking between Higher Education Institutes, Vocational Training Providers and labor market actors.

Universities or vocational training institutes affiliated to universities would offer this qualification.

The specific aims of the project are:

  • Develop a joint higher VET Course on issues concerning business intern
  • Strengthen the project-based transnational collaboration between SMEs & VET providers at tertiary level.
  • Improve and validate transversal entrepreneurial and communication competences of the
  • Use work-based learning (traineeship) & mobility components.

Main activities:

  1. Joint qualification in VET
  2. Sustainable cooperation structures

The ExpoVET so far:

The Kick – off Meeting in Thessaloniki on February 2019, with the participation of all partners, was a successful start where we put the bases for the next steps of our project.

We have organized focus-groups in Greece, Romania as well as in Bulgaria. During  those meetings, we presented the results of our e-researches on training needs of the students and skill demands of SMEs on issues concerning internationalization and international commerce. We received feed-back and additional information from field experts in all three countries.

In addition, the 1st Transnational Managerial Meeting and the 2nd Thematic Workshop have taken place in Bonn on July 2019, with the participation of all partners where we discussed our activities, and more specifically a first list of professional tasks attached to the position of export experts. This was an important step towards the development of a joint qualification profile of the Export Expert.

Upcoming Event

2nd Transnational Managerial Meeting and the 2nd Thematic Workshop: 14-15/1/2019

Sofia, Bulgaria

The Transnational Managerial Meeting will consist of: 2 separate events. Our Transnational Managerial Meeting will take place on day one in the morning. Jointly with representatives from business representative bodies and academics who are related to International Trade and Exports, the afternoon Workshop will be dedicated to the Joint qualification profile of the Export Expert (WP3).


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