Final Project’s Dissemination Forum – Final Report

Final Project’s Dissemination Forum – Final Report

This report was prepared for and submitted to the “EXPOVET”

Project by: May Demertzi

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The “EXPOVET” partnership consists of:


Name Role Country
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTH) Lead Partner Greece
Federal Institute for Vocational Education & Training (BIBB) Partner 2 Germany
Greek Exporters Association (SEVE) Partner 3 Greece
Euricon Consultants Partner 4 Greece
Institute for Postgraduate Studies (IPS), division of the University of National and World Economy (UNWE) Partner 5 Bulgaria
Bucharest University of Economic Studies (ASE) Partner 6 Romania
Association of Economic Universities of South – East Europe & Black Sea Area (ASECU) Partner 7 Greece




Report on the Final Project’s Dissemination FORUM


The Final Project’s Dissemination FORUM oraanised by Greek Exporters’ Association SEVE– despite the difficulties of the whole organization due to COVID 19 – was a success.

The Final Project’s Dissemination FORUM was organized by Greek Exporters Association – SEVE on Friday, March 26th 2021, at 14.00 hours. Due to Covid 19 restrictions, it was decided following numerous contacts with all the partners, that the event would be a hybrid event – both online and with physical presence of the partners situated in Thessaloniki, Greece only. Unfortunately the other partners could attend only online because of the travel restrictions applied that prohibited travelling to Greece.

The organizer –SEVE – contacted specialized companies to undertake the organization of the event, which was finally decided to take place in Mediterranean Palace Hotel, Thessaloniki, a hotel which offers all the amenities for online events and the right dimensions of the meeting rooms in order to have the necessary distances and keep safe due to Covid-19.  A company with the best proposal, both in terms of offer and financial conditions, was chosen and the preparations begun.

A Save the Date has been forwarded to the partners and 1500 stakeholders in Greece in order to inform about the upcoming event.  The event was published at the weekly informative newsletter of SEVE and at SEVE site and social media.

According to SEVE’s instructions an electronic invitation has been created together with an agenda of the event with all the logos and links in order to enable attendants to participate.

The invitation with the participation link and the agenda was forwarded to all partners and stakeholders. It was also published in SEVE’s weekly newsletter which is emailed to more than 800 member companies all over Greece and uploaded to SEVE’s website and social media.

On Tuesday the 23rd of March a press release to all the Greek Media has been forwarded to inform and invite the interested public at the forthcoming event.

Dr Loukas Zahilas,  Head of the Department for VET Systems and Institutions (DSI) at Cedefop, the European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training had been invited to be the Key Note speaker at the event and we were very happy that he accepted the invitation.

The other speakers were Professor, Dr. Grigoris Zarotiadis, representing the Lead Partner organization of the Consortium, Mr. Spyros Ignatiadis, General Director of SEVE, Ms Hannelore Mottweiler from the Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training, Ms Eirini Sylleli from EURICON and Ms Eirini Ozouni from ASECU.

Interventions were made by Professor Dr. Stoychev of the University of National and World Economy in Bulgaria and Professor Dorel Paraschiv of the Bucharest University of Economic Studies.

Welcome speeches were addressed by the Member of the Board of SEVE, Mr. Simos Diamantidis and the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.

The meeting was co-ordinated by Ms. May Demertzi, International Liaison Officer at SEVE.

The whole event was easy to access at youtube αnd facebook and still is available.

Αt the end of the event there was a buffet for the participants but due to the pandemic we could not have a proper cocktail event but had to be organised with the restrictions imposed.

Multiple press cuttings are available which verify the wide spread of the event.

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